Robert Brisebois :geologist, co-founder of French-speaking mineralogy Show of Montréal held each year in May. Currently at Ministère de l’Environnement du Québec as geologist. Nadège Marion : biologist, formerly at l’Association des biologistes du Québec, and now full time at the vineyard. She was also a member of the Association des vignerons du Québec board of directors for over 10 years.

The vineyard is located on a 22 hectares piece of land, half of which is a maple grove and the other half is in fields. The site seeing on Dunham’s village and its three churches lives us speechless. The vineyard as a human size, so the reception is warm and honest. Dunham is at a distance of 1h15 from Montréal. Kids will get their share too with the animals taking sun every day and picnic tables allows to take a breath of fresh air at everyone’s pace!

Gift shop: Goat’s products : goat’s milk (soaps, creams, lotions, lips sticks, and more); mohair (variety of wool socks), indien art.

We decided to buy the vineyard in november 1997 after visiting Dunham area in the summer. Finding the right varietals suitable for Québec climate is a matter of faith! So, a lot of research and development. Right now, at Les Trois Clochers, producing varietals are : Seyval blanc, Vidal, Geisenheim 318 and 322 and Frontenac gris (for white wines and ice wine) and: Maréchal-Foch , Chancelor, Lucie-Kulhman, Léon-Milot, Sabrevois et Frontenac (for red and rosé wine). Total : 12 400 plants, on 4 hectares of fields.